Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saddle Bronc Rider, Kaila Mussell-Dent Is Coming Back After Injury

Kaila Mussell-Dent, the only woman in the history of PRCA  who has ever placed in any rough stock event, was injured in Taylor, Texas CPRA Rodeo on July 17. Many thought it might be the end of her seven year career as the only woman competing with the cowboys each week in Mesquite, TX in the saddle bronc riding event.

With a potential season ending thud, she came down hard on the same shoulder she had broken more than a year ago. Kaila thought as she slowly got up, "Oh, no. I've broken it again."

She did indeed break it again. Well known Orthopedic Surgeon, Tandy Freeman discovered all that was holding the collarbone together was a fibrous tissue around the bone allowing activity and this tissue tore away when she left the deck at Taylor.

With true grit and champion spirit, Kaila responded to the devastating news by saying,
"I keep my thoughts positive and have faith that I will heal well. If all goes according to plan, I will be riding somewhere around the end of October of this year. I look forward to the future."

While the initial estimate was a minimum of six weeks before she would know if it would be possible to ride again, Kaila returned to the doctor last week ... four weeks. She could begin rehab, weight training and be in the saddle again in four weeks.

Kaila said, "I'm coming back. I know I'm a good rider and this time I'll be ready."

I heard the passion and excitement in her voice. I believe her. Watch out boys - Kaila is back in town.

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