Monday, April 18, 2011

Shirley Morris, Kathleen Kellermann To Partner Again

Shirley Morris and Kathleen Kellermann at the live
performance, "Oh, You Cowgirl Live!" in Palm Springs, CA.
The partnership of Shirley Morris and Kathleen Kellermann, co-owners of Chroma Graphic Communications, continue along a new road nearly three decades after the two opened the doors to the award winning Orange County based graphic design and production company.

"My interest after twenty-some years doing graphics wasn't there anymore and I decided to go a different direction about seven years ago. " Morris said and continued, "For the past seven years or so I have been writing, developing my skills as a videographer and film editor. It was during this time I began doing family video biographies and released my first documentary, OH, YOU COWGIRL! For me, it was a rebirth. I had found that creative passion once again."

While the documentary movie about the early 20th century cowgirls and wild west show performers continues to enjoy critical acclaim, Morris is off and running on the next documentary project about the early west with "Irwin" a story about one of the most influential families who ranched and settled in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Shirley Morris will also be featured onscreen as host and storyteller for a new web video series, COWGIRL CHRONICLES. Morris says, "Sometimes, when you follow your path in life, you may stumble upon an invitation to travel an unfamiliar road. I love this little side street.... and I love being a storyteller!"

This new series will continue telling the stories of the early homesteaders, ranchers, and cowgirls along with stories of westerners of today who benefited from their influence, some following in their footsteps. Morris contends, "If you were born in the west, from parents born in the west, it is likely you have a big thank you to say to the women who helped settle the west. Their influence is unique and the west would not have the same sense of adventure, grit, courage and heart we seem to take for granted today with no thought of where it came from. These women of one hundred years ago were, for the most part forgotten in history. It is my goal to give them a clear voice and that voice is long overdue."

While Shirley Morris will continue to research, write, direct and edit, Kathleen Kellermann will bring her talents as photographer and videographer to the project table, with the two working in partnership once again. Kellermann will also assume other duties in the business and all projects will be completed by the Morris and Kellermann business, Chroma Graphic Communications.

Kellermann accompanied Morris for four days in early April and photographed artifacts from the Irwin Y6 collection. These images will be shared with Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum and used for future exhibits.

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