Friday, August 12, 2011

Only A Few Original "Oh, You Cowgirl!" Remain

"Oh, You Cowgirl!" the critically acclaimed documentary featuring stories about the early cowgirls and entertainers of rodeo and the wild west show has enjoyed tremendous success since it's premier last August as the featured film at the Wyoming Film Festival in Saratoga, Wyoming. 
Only a few dvd's remain of the original version of "Oh, You Cowgirl!" and will be available for sale on the film website, Time to get your copy!

What they've been saying about "Oh, You Cowgirl!"

  • .... Western historical DVDs of this caliber are rare to begin with, and Shirley Morris’ Oh You Cowgirl! tells a story that deserves to be in the foreground of that Western history.  It may well go down as the hallmark of its kind."
    Rick Huff - Best of the West Reviews
  • "Quality endeavors stand out as surely as cream rises to the top of a pitcher of whole milk....Shirley Morris combines vintage photographs, film footage, and interviews from the Pendleton Round-Up in a documentary entitled Oh, You Cowgirl! A True Story About America’s Unsung Heroes. But, that‘s not all. Tracing the development of Wild West shows and the cowgirl‘s role in the golden age of rodeo, the DVD also includes clips from Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Los Angeles Rodeo. Among those profiled in the 63-minute film are Bertha Kaepernik, Bonnie McCarroll, Mabel Strickland, and the women who went by the name of Prairie Rose...."
    Cowboy Jam Session:
    Western Culture News & Reviews - by Jeri L. Dobrowski
  • "In producing, writing and directing OH, YOU COWGIRL!, Shirley Morris has given a gift to history of the West. Fascinated by the cowgirls of old, she has dug deep into their lives, coming up with first hand sources (relatives, letters, diaries and photos) that tell their stories as they truly were, not romanticized and flowery like the tales are often told and retold. She has unearthed never-seen-before photos and unheard stories of these heroic women. It was my pleasure to have a small part in it. View this DVD with pleasure knowing the stories are true and from the heart."
    Ann Terry Hill, Co-Author, Pendleton Round-Up At 100.
  • "Shirley Morris opens her rich film, Oh, You Cowgirl!; The True Story About America's Unsung Heroes, The Cowgirls,with a quote from an old Wild West show cowboy performer, disparaging women's lack of riding skills. The sequence ends with the message: "He was wrong," and the film of the "buckin' horse suffragettes"—rodeo and Wild West show cowgirls—goes on to show just how wrong he was.

         Oh, You Cowgirl! offers a feast vintage photographs and film footage, including rare clips from Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Pendleton Round-Up, and the Los Angeles Rodeo. It is filled with interviews with the performers, descendants, and others who contribute to the film's fascinating history of the development of Wild West shows and the history of women in rodeo. Individual women riders are profiled in depth, and their techniques, treatment, disappointments, wrecks, and successes are woven into the compelling film, which rests on a foundation of extensive research."
    Margo Metegrano,

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