Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Lone Cowgirl Presents: A Cowgirl's Dream

Deep from sleep they called on me
Voices filling a blue eyed sky
I was on a road rutted and narrow
Turned left at the fence, can't tell you why.

Something led me up that path
Following instinct intact and intune
A bird flew by, my eyes followed squinting
That ol' sun never lies, I knew it was noon.

I parked the car 'neath a gnarly old tree
Feeling coolness from the shade of its branches
Watched those gelded beauties in that pasture there
Throw hooves to the wind, delighting in their dances.

Across the way was a house of sorts
With a worn wooden porch so old
I wondered whose boots stepped before mine
What stories, begged to be told.

My hand reached for a tarnished brass knob
Slowly opening the door with care
Gazed in amazement for seated three deep in that room
The Buckin' Horse Cowgirls were there!

One looked deep into my soul
Her hat so huge, I had to stare
She said, "Yes, I'm a cowgirl - a bulldogger too!"
I found out later, her name was Claire.

Someone yells, "Claire Belcher I challenge you!
Anyplace, anytime, anywhere!"
Why, It's Fox Hastings, sitting next to you
They were bulldoggers you know, cowgirls extraordinaire.

Mabel Strickland's here and wants to say,
"I'm so much more than a pretty face"
It's just that I love bronc ridin' so and prefer
Wearing woolie chaps to satin and lace.

All the girls are with us now!
I see Bonnie, Prairie Rose, Bertha Kaepernik
Some rode for show, some for money
Bertha says, "Bonnie, I always rode slick."

A woman walks from that room in my dream
Much older than most, she's no pup
Her stealy blue eyes look up into mine
Saying "Shirley, you have to hurry up!"

I said, "I made the movie - that's why we're all here
To watch the cowgirls story tonight"
Now Dolly is standing right next to me saying
"We're here Shirley, to make sure you got it right."

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