Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Original Cowboy Girl

Lulu Belle Parr was one of the earliest cowgirl stars and worked as a professional cowgirl saddle bronc rider for Buffalo Bill. She was a flamboyant entertainer and while riding a bronc with hobbled stirrups, Lulu would smile and wave her hat at the crowd.

She's a nifty little cowboy girl

as cute as can be found

And she's known by everybody

on the range for miles around

But she doesn't need a chaperon

to make the boys be nice

She has a big six shooter

which she knows will quite suffice.


Boots, Braids and Big Loops said...

Lulu is one of my favorite cowboy girls! She is such a fun lady to read about!

The Lone Cowgirl said...

Yes! She was the original (along with Lucille Mulhall) and loved performing. It's good to see she is being remembered a century later.
Thanks for stopping by!