Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, Kaila Mussell

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Kaila Mussell is the only woman ever, in the history of PRCA, to ride saddle bronc's in competition with the boys. Last year she rode at the Prineville Round Up. Kaila will appear in the upcoming documentary, "Oh, You Cowgirl!" about the early 20th century rodeo cowgirls and women of the wild west shows in a reenactment of Bonnie McCarroll's fatal accident at the famed Pendleton Round-Up in 1929. Bonnie was a favorite on the rodeo circuit and many believe it was because of a Pendleton rule requiring all women to ride "hobbled" that she lost her life while riding a bronc named Black Cat. When Kaila rides, she competes and abides by the same rules and rides the same horses as the men in the PRCA


Karen McLain said...

What great stories you are bringing to us! I look forward to reading more. Do you have anything set for the Natl. Day of the Cowboy?

Shirley Morris - Filmmaker said...

Thank you, Karen. Your comment is very much appreciated. No, not as yet.

Unknown said...

I saw Kaila ride at the Mesquite rodeo a couple of years ago. It was the same year that my son-in-law Jack Atkinson and his partner JW won the series Championship in Team Roping. I really enjoy watching her ride she is an excellent Bronc rider.