Monday, October 26, 2009

Stories You've Never Heard - Until Now!

Tune in to The Lone Cowgirl Presents!

Join The Lone Cowgirl Presents! A new podcast featuring the early women of the Golden Era of Rodeo on and relive the lives and times of America’s unsung heroes - The cowgirls! They came as ranchers, homesteaders, wild west show and circus performers to become the first professional women athletes in America. For a brief momen in history, they competed in head to head competition with the men in rodeo. This Golden Era lasted only a few short years and the once tough, range hewn women were transformed into the Rodeo Queen and were no longer permitted to ride rough stock or compete in any of the original events until  women’s barrel racing became a competitive event. Come back each week and relive the lives of these remarkable women - The Buckin’ Horse Suffragettes and hear some great stories you’ve never heard before - Until now!

The first episode of The Lone Cowgirl Presents features Sisters of the Purple Sage performing Blue Side of Texas. Visit their website for more information  Bertha Kaepernik rode with the cowboys in 1904 at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Listen in on the details of her ride - and what a ride it was! 

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I am searching for descendants of a Joella Irwin. I have a saddle with her name on it.... Can you help. Contact me at

Thanks, pam woolway