Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catfish. All Mouth. No Brains.

After a day of bulldogging, steer roping and bronc riding at a rodeo in Fort Worth, TX a bunch of cowboy and cowgirls, Ruth and Bryant Roach, Mike and Fox Hastings, and Bob Crosby among them,  headed off for a local restaurant to enjoy some good company and a quiet dinner. Once seated, an old boy sitting a couple tables away started mouthing off saying things that were none too friendly or complimentary to certain parties in the group. After a short time, Fox excused herself to go to the powder room. Along the way she stopped at the old boy's table, picked him up by his shirt collar and  flattened him with a couple well placed punches and a knee to his midsection. Once he was down, she stomped on him for good measure. She then continued to the powder room and soon returned to her group. Quietly sitting down, she sipped some water and said softly, "Catfish. All mouth. No brains."
While Fox was raised in the small, quaint town of Galt, CA she proves, beyond doubt you don't necessarily have to be born or raised on the range to be a real cowgirl. It's all attitude.


heidiwriter said...

This is a great story! Made me laugh out loud! I love the Cowgirl Attitude.

Kaila Mussell-Dent said...

I dig the story...wish I was a fly on the wall when that happened LOL. Keep up the awesome work Shirley!

Kimberly McDonald said...

Well if Fox could throw a 400 pound steer, picking up that smartass must of felt like a feather to her!! Don't mess with the "Fox"!! ;-)