Monday, March 8, 2010

Tall in the Saddle - 100 Years of the Pendleton Round-Up

If you have an opportunity to visit Portland, Oregon anytime between now and July 4, you must see the Oregon Historical Society Exhibit, Tall in the Saddle - 100 Years of the Pendleton Round-Up. The minute you walk in, you are transported back to another time in history as you feel the sandy, golden Pendleton earth beneath your feet. Make a right turn and you can imagine all the cowboy stories that were told around the table at Severe's Cowboy Hotel, complete with bunks and a poker table. 

Saddles, spurs, chaps, hats, even a complete indian village wind you down corridors, each with music, video, photographs, letters, trophies and awards. Video clips from "American Cowboy" and "Oh, You Cowgirl!" will entertain with photographs, vintage footage of cowboys, cowgirls and indians. As well as interviews with some of the people who were there and tell the story of cowgirls and cowboys like Bertha Blancett and Jackson Sundown.

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