Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rick Huff Gives Glowing Revue To "Oh, You Cowgirl!"

"Rick Huff's Best of the West Reviews" included his review on the newly released documentary film by Shirley Morris about the early twentieth century rodeo cowgirls and women of the wild west shows, "Oh, You Cowgirl!" this month.
"Very nicely rendered here is the story (both unsung and sung) of the professional rodeo ladies who competed on the same animals and in the same events as the guys…and then had to compete even further for any small measure of equal attention and reward. You might recall Jean Prescott sang about them a while back, and then they once again sort of sank in the Western dust. In this skillfully assembled DVD, they’re back and kickin’ up said dust!

For the most part the sung portion of the story is handled (wonderfully, of course) by Juni Fisher. Included are a number of appropriate songs found on her CD Let ‘Er Go Let ‘Er Buck Let ‘Er Fly.  But the unsung portion can really make the emotions well up, too. Filmmaker Shirley Morris has devoted a lot of time into unearthing the research and proofs required to make that happen. And hopefully it will make men of a certain mindset sit a little less comfortably in their saddles.

Partly solved in this story is the long entrenched mystery of Prairie Rose Henderson, or should we say the various “Prairie Roses.” Particularly rough is the story of the one who was even denied her due in death. Actual footage of some of the heroic ladies’ rides is here, and the stories of each will hopefully serve as an inspirational prod onward to anyone needing it.

Western historical DVDs of this caliber are rare to begin with, and Shirley Morris’ Oh You Cowgirl! tells a story that deserves to be in the foreground of that Western history.  It may well go down as the hallmark of its kind."

Rick Huff - Best of the West Reviews
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