Saturday, December 18, 2010

Man Of The West, Thoughts From A Cowboy

My good friend, TJ Casey has just released a new book of cowboy poetry. He gave it to me to read and review and I loved it. It is as authentic, as cowboy, as western bred as anything you will ever read and his fresh look at a very beautiful, sometimes harsh world becomes very real. For some, it will be as close as anything they will ever experience in regards to being that cowboy, themselves.

TJ was featured in "Oh, You Cowgirl!" as the voice of Dell Blancett.

Here is a recent press release on the book and a link to where you can find it.


Billings MT - TJ Casey, best known for entertaining adults and youth through the Western United States as a singer/songwriter, educator, humorist, composer, and storyteller is sharing another part of his soul with his Poetry Book “Man of the West.”

TJ’s Book, “Man of the West” takes you on a journey through time and throughout the country from Alaska to Montana. His stories take you back to the good old days through today as he shares the ways and thoughts of the modern day Cowboy. His stories motivate, amuse and many bring a tear of joy. Complimenting the book are a collection of photos, quips, musings and the periodic profound ramblings.
TJ has done residencies at several schools in the area, where he teaches our Western Heritage, Cowboy Culture, Indian Education, poetry and the Code of the West to the students.

“TJ admonishes those who romance the ideal of the cowboy. He insists there are few among us who would truly want to live that life if only the truth be told. He then proceeds to lure us seductively back to that life and describes a true story of a man you long to call friend. You feel warmed by a summers breeze and the sun shining brightly in your eyes....and brother,
sister, who would not want to be that cowboy?”
Shirley Morris, Filmmaker/Producer, "Oh, You Cowgirl!"

This book is the picture window to TJ’s heart and soul and will bring a smile, a laugh and an occasional tear.
Phil Peretz, Independent Artists Alliance

TJ Casey's Cowboy Poetry column has become a mainstay in our community, much like the virtue, integrity, romance and desire, and humor and straight out barreling to the point, still are.
Amanda Smith, Owner/Editor-Publisher, The Glenrock Bird and Open Range Magazine

Westerners of all ages and experience will identify with the vivid reminisces, tales, wisdom, and gut-busting humor which Casey has skillfully woven into poems that rival rawhide bosals and horsehair mecates for style, texture and practicality.
Non-Westerners will be transported into a reality they couldn’t imagine . . .one that’ll change ‘em at the deepest level, and leave ‘em longing for more. The book’s sterling authenticity is enhanced by a fantastic collection of real cowboy photos..
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns, Rancher, Poet and former Academy of Western Artists Top Cowgirl Poet of the year

To purchase the book or for more information about TJ Casey: or call 406-245-0734.

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