Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, You Cowgirl Live! Will Be At Palm Springs WestFest

Three live showings featuring filmmaker, Shirley Morris as The Lone Cowgirl, will be presented along with a full showing of the critically acclaimed documentary movie, "Oh, You Cowgirl!" at the Palm Springs WestFest and Gene Autry Film Festival at the Renaissance Hotel in the Mojave Theatre.

Morris introduces the film with a piece of 'cowboy poetry' she wrote describing a dream she had when first researching the documentary about the early 20th century rodeo and wild west show cowgirls. "I walked into an old ranch house and saw cowgirls seated in rows of three against two walls - They wanted their stories told and told me so in no uncertain terms! The poem describes who was there and what they said in that old ranch house."

The films research took an unexpected turn two years into the project when Morris found evidence that famed rodeo star and cowgirl, Prairie Rose Henderson, did not die as reported in a Wyoming blizzard. It would take nearly another two years to unravel the mystery surrounding her reported death; who really died and why the great rodeo cowgirl left her legacy burried in a Wyoming snowstorm. The story is riveting and uncovers an untold tale about three additional, talented cowgirl heroes unknown until Morris pieced their stories together.

Tickets are $10.00. For additional information about the Gene Autry Film Festival and Palm Springs WestFest visit the website here

For more information about the film "Oh, You Cowgirl!" visit

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